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Here's A Breakdown Of The Valuable Content Within The MCA Mixtape...
 Track 1: They Don't Put It Down
 This song gives a flashback on how I struggled to find MCA; and then how change occurred in my life due to the unlimited services, massive benefits, and weekly income! 
 Track 2: "We Are MCA" 
 This song shows "My Secret" on how I "Share the Message of MCA" to help change others lives; and educate the masses of The Motor Club!
 Track 3: "Put On For My Biz"
 This song tells the story of how someone "put me on" to MCA (in other words told me about it); you'll discover "My Secrets" to how I use MCA to acquire other 'Assets' so I'll NEVER need a paycheck ever again... Assets such as Tax Lien/Tax Deed Real Estate, Paper Assets like Stocks and Bonds, Oil, Gold/Silver, and other Commodities!
 Track 4: 99 Problems (But A Boss Ain't One)
 This song is about what "99 Percent" of what working class people go through within their lives... Dealing with A Boss! And I give "My Secret" to how I went from having a boss; to being a Boss!
 Track 5: MCA Am to PM 
 This song relates to how "consumed" I became to become a leader within MCA. It also breaks down those "Myths of Go To School and Work Hard" to be successful; you'll discover how I teach 7 better ways!   
 Track 6: "Get My Money Right"
 This song discusses how whenever success comes, so does the naysayers and haters. Discover "My Secret" to silencing those that don't believe and how I show you ways to stay focused on the prize!  
 Track 7: "My Motor Club" 
 This by far is the most controversial song due to the nature of in-depth lyrical content. I show "My Secret" to why I even created The MCA Mixtape in the first place; and why I am The MCA Role Model!
 Track 8: "MCA Hotline" 
 This is a song of humor, triumph and fun. You'll discover "My Secret" to how I used simplicity to get others to understand MCA. It also shows how our customer service department makes our thousands to millions of customers satisfied!
 Track 9: "Feel The MCA Buzz"
 This song is relaxing and smooth. It's similarities reminds of our constant ease of service and "Buzz" we have online! 
 Track 10: Motor Club of America Benefits
 This is the Benefits Segment from Motor Club of America Corporate.
 Track 11: Motor Club of America Opportunity
 This is the Income Opportunity Segment from Motor Club of America Corporate.
 Track 12: TVC/MCA Commission Call by Maurice Trimble Jr aka 'Tha MCA Role Model'.
 This is a random call I made to MCA Corporate about FAQ's from fellow customers/members on my Team Motor Club 4 Life.

The Official MCA Mixtape

by Tha Role Model

The Official MCA Mixtape

by Tha Role Model
So What Are Others Saying?
So As You Witnessed Above...
I Am Totally Transparent... I Want You To Know Everything You're Getting Up-Front... No Hidden Agendas!
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As I stated above previously, the Mixtape CD is FREE. I only request that you help me get this Mixtape CD in your hands by paying the minimal cost of the postage which is just $9.95 only.
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I know there are 'unethical' companies that will promise you one thing but they do something totally different. They say they're FREE to try out, but in reality they will charge your card without hesitation every month. Unfortunately the harsh reality is this world we live in is not fair, and there are cruel and deceitful people out there! 

Well...... I am NOT one of those people!
One of my earlier Mentors once said:

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." -Zig Ziglar
I concur with that statement Zig, for I can attest that the last few years of my life have been fulfilled by merely just "assisting others", for that's what a true Role Model does I would think isn't it ? Paving the way so others can follow right ? But let me not vent or ramble off; I digress. Just checkout some core values and principles I live by below that will give you my reasoning to why I'm doing this:
  • Military Values - I often reminisce when I was in the U.S. Army around the Desert Storm Era... Our Drill Sergeants literally drilled into our heads these "Core Values": Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. It's within my DNA to put others needs before mine. Like a 'Good Samaritan', right?
  • Trust - Something which is very hard to come by (especially online), whereas I'm requesting your trust in my purpose to get my product within your hands and you see how enjoyable and enlightening it is; just as you're placing your trust within me to over-deliver on my guarantee and promise. Does that make sense? 
  • Practice What I Preach - Seeing what I put together in this Mixtape is what I myself have labored and researched (and undergo presently to date), but I'm making money online with my passion, something I always dreamed of. Using my talents I was blessed with and honed my skillset to become an Expert! And that is my wish for YOU... To help aid in your success, armed with your passions and doing what comes natural... And not to mention having the total security, peace of mind, and having FUN! I mean, I literally "talk the talk and walk the walk"... I drink my own Kool-Aid (and yes as a kid I loved Kool-Aid... Lol)... But seriously, true leaders serve others don't they?
  •  My Gift To You - And finally, this is my "Thank You" for connecting with me and being a loyal subscriber. I look at relationships and networking like a Bank Account: One Should Be Able To Withdraw Only As They Deposit In! Meaning: You get what you give, it's a give 'n' take situation, a win-win scenario for both. One thing is going to remain true with me... I'll ALWAYS give tons of value to you! And isn't that what you'd want?
There Is A Sense Of Urgency Here... Cause Time Waits For No One...
We all know that time is the great equalizer... Time is either against us or for us... 
And with that being said, the clock is ticking on how long this FREE offer will remain for! For I only manufactured 10,000 Copies of my MCA Mixtape CD.

So in other words, once they're gone; they're gone. And this page may come down. And I have yet to decide if I'll roll out an offer such as this again! So keep in mind there is a sense of urgency here!
Here's My "Satisfaction Guarantee" Promise

I stand by my craft.... I'm a perfectionist and my own hardest critic! I guarantee you'll be satisfied when you get your hands on this and hear this. It's totally free of negativity; it's pure positivity with a benefit and business-sense twist to it! So..... With that being said, if at any reason you do not like this Mixtape CD, I will refund you your shipping cost! And you can just keep the MCA Mixtape CD.

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Maurice "Tha MCA Role Model" Trimble Jr.
P.S. - This section is for all those who may have skipped and skimmed all the way to the bottom of the page (and don't feel guilty for I do this at times too). So then, let's RECAP:

I'm sending you via mail my MCA Mixtape CD for FREE. Indeed that is right, for FREE. All you have to do is pay is the minimal cost of the postage which is just $9.95. 

That's it... No Catch.... No Hidden Agendas.... There's no sneaky getting you to commit to a monthly continuity program or anything like that... 

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